Assisted living is a popular long-term senior living option that provides personal care services such as dressing, transportation, meals and medication management as well as social opportunities.  A new concept just 25 years ago, assisted living is the most popular long-term solution today. Assisted living, with its range of personalized care, provides senior housing solutions for those who want to live independently but still require relative assistance.

Assisted living is gaining popularity and one key reason is that older adults can maintain their independence while getting assistance when and as needed.  One can move to assisted living without needed additional personal care.  Many move to relieve themselves of the stress of home maintenance or because they are lonely or are not wanting or able to drive.  Additionally, older adults who live in assisted living can take advantage of the social opportunities offered and gain from simple social interactions not available by living home alone.

Assisted Living Offers a Supportive Community

Residents live in apartments (studios, one and two bedroom) and are provided three meals a day, most often in a dining room that offers restaurant style service.  Dietary restriction are also considered. It has been studied to show that older adults who eat with others eat more and healthier than those who dine alone.  The additional benefit of the social element is another reason people choose assisted living.

Assisted living has been shown to improve the health of seniors who want to enjoy a comfortable and active life but who may require some assistance.  Assisted Living services should be easily accessible and often you will find friendly staff. This ensures the residents feel safe and secure while enjoying their independent life.

Assisted Living staff  should be trained properly and often.  The care is provided by Certified Senior Assistants and lead by either an LPN or RN.  Ask about the training provided to the staff and the longevity and consistency of staff when you tour a community.

In addition, every senior should be treated with dignity and respect. Discretion and dignity should be preserved when catering to the individual preferences of each senior resident.

Assisted Living facilities vary in size and management.  Some are intimate, 6-10 bed homes and others are large, often owned and run by publically traded companies.  There should be something for every preference.  The most important thing is that feeling that you fit in and are confident you are receiving the best, most personalized service and feel at home.

Navigating through all the information and options can be overwhelming.  A professional advisor can help you and your family vet-out and make the optimum choice.