When I am visited by a particular insect or animal, I look up what it symbolizes. Today, as I was taking my dogs outside, I noticed an inchworm on my patio right in front of me. This little worm seemed to be on a mission. Every now and then, it would pause and raise its head as if to be looking around. After looking it up, I understood that they don’t see very well. So what it was doing was feeling its way around several different options.

The inchworm actually makes sure its path is clear in front of it before moving ahead. It also symbolizes taking smaller steps rather than one giant leap. This really hit home as I am working with my Life Coach on a transition in my own life path. The inchworm is known for its transformation from a caterpillar to a moth. This truly symbolizes my own transformation and the steps I am taking with the help of my coach.

As I observed this little inchworm’s path, I noticed it reaching a crack in patio concrete measuring a little larger than the length of its own body. I thought, how is that little worm going to get across? Well, it was certainly determined. It stopped very briefly, felt the options, and then went directly into the crack. I looked down, and there it was down just deep enough to reach the other side of the concrete that wasn’t as wide. Within a second or two, it was off and running on the other side of the crack.

I thought to myself, this tiny little worm has really taught me an amazing lesson today. It taught me to take small, intentional steps toward my goals while paying attention to my feelings and to continue to move forward, towards my goal because regardless of what might look like a barrier, with determination there is always a way through it. You never know when you will get a visit from an unlikely teacher.


Pamela Ondercin