I was recently working with a senior to guide them in selecting an assisted living community. At the time, he was living in an unsafe environment and needed assistance with taking his medications. Meals were delivered by Meals on Wheels, but he was not eating them, as he was alone with no social interaction. There were many factors involved, as he had been living in a retirement home for the last 20 years.

He was faced with many overwhelming issues, including what to do with his possessions accumulated over the years, how will he get everything moved, where will he go, can he continue to drive, can he see the same physicians, can he go to the same church and what will happen to his network of friends and family.

Having worked in assisted living and the health care industry for the last 25 years, the solutions to these problems seem easy to me, but overwhelming for the client. He just wanted to shut down. He would rather stay in an unsafe situation than navigate through all these issues he was facing.

The importance of knowing the first steps to help a senior make the right life decisions cannot be overstated. The first steps are 1) to listen to the client’s story, 2) determine their needs,  and 3) make a plan with next steps that slowly work toward meeting their ultimate goals.

These plans are not always easy but are certainly obtainable with the right guidance and referral sources. In the case of this gentleman, I helped him  move forward with downsizing the possessions in the home. Together, we identified items that were important to him to keep and others that seemed like they should be gifted to family and friends. Then I arranged for him to sell the home. While the home was on the market we visited a few assisted living communities that met his needs. The client revisited one community in particular that seemed like the right fit for him, and by the time his house sold he became quite comfortable with the prospect of moving. In fact, couldn’t wait to move!

Today, that senior is living in a healthy and safe environment with activities, socialization and surrounded by new friends. He has the same physicians, and was able to stay in the same vicinity as his old home and close to the network of friends he had for years.

It is the greatest feeling the world to help others. I thank God every day for that privilege.


Beth Hague, Co-Founder