As a caregiver, did you realize that you give salvation?

Are you aware that you are involved in redemption?

These terms may have strong religious undertones for some people. But I see them being used for what happens in the work of a caregiver.

Salvation is the act of saving a person or thing, and relief of pain and comfort certainly fall into this concept of saving. When we hear a patient or family member say “Help me,” we offer salvation in the form most appropriate for the request. You are their salvation from discomfort so then they experience meaningful compassion.

Redemption is to fulfill a promise. The promise of a caregiver is to be there with our skill and knowledge, and just as important, with our soul. We must offer respect, nonjudgmental positive regard to all who are in our care.

It is every day and for everyone we interact with that we as caregivers offer salvation and redemption through our hands and through our hearts.

Ginny Chappelear M.Ed., FT