If you are looking into Sales Coaching, you are either contemplating an opportunity or already involved in external sales, internal sales or both. You are looking for change or you have important goals to reach. You are looking to be more effective, make more impact, or be more satisfied at work. You want to develop new skills to help navigate sales meetings and processes. Whatever your motivation, chances are you are seeking more fulfillment, balance, and quality in your role.

If you are in sales or contemplating an opportunity, you are probably creative and resourceful, capable of taking action, persistent and resilient. You may not even realize how amazing and capable you are.

Sales Coaches at Navamaze will help you increase awareness of your own capabilities and guide you in linking those capabilities with proven sales techniques that we call PLANNING:

  1. Planning – Identifying potential customers and referral sources. Creating strategic sales and marketing plans
  2. Linking and Meeting Objectives – Research, goal planning, and setting appointments
  3. Appointment – Meeting with the referral source (use of verbal and non-verbal communication)
  4. Necessities and Needs – Uncovering needs and wants based on meeting objectives via use of open-ended and clarifying questions
  5. Innovation – Applying the presentation to needs and wants. How can you meet your referral source’s needs? What is it that they want most from your service or product? This is where the interest is created to fulfill your meeting objectives
  6. Next Steps – Closing the sale
    1. Hesitations – Working to understand what the hesitations are so next steps can be set
    2. Examples of hesitations – Price, value, timing
  7. Growing the relationship through follow up – Ensuring customer satisfaction and continuation

Your Navamaze Sales Coach can also help you with event planning, production, and desired results based on the purpose of the event.
If you are seeking more balance and fulfillment, learning opportunities and application in sales, we can help. Helping you make your desires a reality and reach your potential is what we do!

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