Life naturally presents transition. Some are obvious (graduating from school, changing marital status, changing jobs,) others aren’t as obvious or happen more gradually, like becoming dissatisfied in your current situation such as a job, friendship, physical fitness status. If you’re confused, that’s a good thing because it means you are confronting an issue; you are providing yourself an opportunity to make changes necessary to improve your life.

There is no reason to be “stuck.” The only thing that holds us back is the fear of change. The pain of change is often so great, one will stay in a bad or unhappy situation to avoid the pain. The fear of the unknown …

It is at times like this when you need Life Transitions Coaching.  A Life Transitions Coach is someone who helps you identify what is causing your current dissatisfaction and helps put together a plan of action so you move toward the life you desire -whether it’s a career change, relationship change, geographic change, mindset shift, health and fitness change.

The Navamaze Life Transitions coaching team focuses on a personalized plan strategy that is created specifically designed based on your desired result.

Examples of Life Transitions include:

  • Transition to being a new mom (or dad)
  • Transition to a new career
  • Transition from college – at any age
  • Transition to starting a career
  • Transition during and post divorce
  • Transition from death of a spouse, child, or loved one


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