Sometimes in life we are vulnerable; we may be suffering from an illness or condition which requires assisted living or help at home, or may have had a change in circumstance such as the death of a spouse or partner. It is during such times we often try and go it alone.  Don’t.  Hiring a professional advocate, someone who is on your side, someone who can help you navigate through the myriad of information can literally be a lifesaver.

Here are just five of the benefits:

1. Access to information and services

A professional advocate, such as a CSA (certified senior advisor) will have access to and knowledge of vital information and services that you would not have accessed if you decided to go it alone.  Referrals and resources for retirement living (assisted living, dementia care, independent living) healthcare, the Medicare maze of paperwork, pension and social welfare funds can at times be difficulty; you need someone who is knowledgeable in this area to walk with you.

2. Guidance during the process

A professional advocate (such as a case manager) will help you determine appropriate next steps, which is critically important, especially if you or your loved one is compromised in any way.

3. Peace of Mind

This is especially important for those whose loved one live far away.  Knowing your loved ones are in the hands of a professional who is looking out for their best interest provides unlimited emotional and mental relief.

4. Exploring Options

You have somebody to help you explore choices and options, ultimately making sound decisions. You have somebody to guide you, assist in exploring alternatives which ultimately lead to the optimum outcome.

5. Long Term Savings

There are many examples of costly mistakes based on simply not knowing.  A professional can help prevent these and ultimately safe you not only peace of mind, but money for the long term.