My father just celebrated his 84th birthday. It hit me this year that I’m a daughter of a “senior.” I don’t think of either of my parents as seniors – they are just mom and dad. Just as it’s tough to see ourselves with objectivity (am I the only one who hasn’t changed since high school?) it’s challenging to see our parents’ though totally objective lenses.

I helped my father navigate through the process of moving to independent living last year. I am fortunate to work in this business so have a lot of background and knowledge going in but even so, it was a challenging job because although I have objectivity when it comes to the business, I don’t always when it comes to my dad, who, if I’m being honest, isn’t the easiest man to deal with. I would have loved to have had an advocate working with us; something to help us navigate through all the services, the processes and honestly, someone to run interference when my dad was being most difficult.

The situation adult children find themselves in during which they must help their parents can be difficult emotionally as well as logistically. There are so many options; so many choices; so much information. This on top of the fact that mom or dad might be having some memory challenges or physical challenges or may have just had an accident or recent surgery, can overwhelm even the most organized and objective person. Is assisted living, independent living or skilled nursing the best option? What about memory care? Is that appropriate? What is a fair cost? What about the assessments and additional fees charged for levels of care? How does all of that work? Have you seen a contract for assisted living? It’s over thirty pages! How am I going to sort through it all? Does mom or dad have advanced directives? An elder law attorney that has gone through everything they need to have in place? A POA? Are their financial affairs in order? Do they have enough money to pay for what they need? Do they want to stay home and have assistance at home instead of moving? If they choose to move do they have a realtor? Is their home ready to be put on the market? What is going to happen with all of their stuff?

The good news is that finding help for aging parents doesn’t have to be a challenge. The team at Navamaze is here to walk you and your family through all the necessary steps to help you and your parent at this important time of transition. Whether it’s giving you the referrals and resources you need to take the first steps or holding your hand through the entire process and providing you with counseling and coaching during and after, we customize our services to fit what is best for you and your family. Your desired outcome is our desired outcome. We work for you in helping you figure out what is best for you and helping you get there. Without stress and worry that something might have fallen through the cracks.

Life is full of challenges. Let us help make this one easier on you. Contact us for a free consultation.

Julie Podewitz
Executive Business and Life Transitions Coach