Many things in this earthy life give us butterflies in our stomachs. These events can range from a public performance, evaluation by ones boss, prediction of disaster, as well as the disaster happening, or the illness and death of one we love.

The butterflies arrive to give us a chance to think and choose our response to a challenging event. Depending on our personality, life experience and, yes, our spiritual place, we will answer the butterflies. Some will choose safety, out of fear, by withdrawing from the challenge, hiding from the danger. Some will choose anger and lash out at the challenge and the butterflies.

Those who would gain wisdom, compassion, and growth from the challenge are the ones that choose to invite the butterflies into their hearts. There the flutter stirs the heart’s love, sending out into the world a message of courage and peace.

Ginny Chappelear, M.Ed., FT
Fellow in Thanatology