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Guilt Hinders Good Care

Guilt hinders good care.
“I have often said to caregivers, ‘if I could take one thing away from our decision making it would be guilt, because it allows us to get to honesty. Out of that comes the best plan of care and lifestyle choice for your loved one.”  – Paula Carney
The actual experience of […]

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Find Your Success Beyond Your Failures

“I missed more than 9,000 shots.I lost more than 300 games. Twenty six times I was counted on to make the game-winning shot – and missed. I have failed over and over in my life. And that is why I succeed.”
– Michael Jordan
This quote by Michael Jordan gives me goose bumps every time I […]

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Six Questions To Ask Yourself When Hiring A Life Coach

My daughter completed fifth grade yesterday and graduated from elementary school . This fall, she will be going into middle school. A new beginning, a major life transition. It sounds cliché to say that these years have flown by, but they have. I, like many of you, am a very proud parent of a […]

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Finding Help For Aging Parents Doesn’t Have To Be a Challenge

My father just celebrated his 84th birthday. It hit me this year that I’m a daughter of a “senior.” I don’t think of either of my parents as seniors – they are just mom and dad. Just as it’s tough to see ourselves with objectivity (am I the only one who hasn’t changed since […]

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