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Salvation And Redemption In Caregivers

As a caregiver, did you realize that you give salvation?

Are you aware that you are involved in redemption?

These terms may have strong religious undertones for some people. But I see them being used for what happens in the work of a caregiver.

Salvation is the act of saving a person or thing, and relief of […]

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Grief And Stress In Professional Caregivers

Several factors which contribute to the development of grief and stress in professional caregivers are:

The intimate care leads to a trust relationship and touch is bonding
We may identify with the pain of the family
The unmet goal of health care workers
Loss of the assumption that good work = good out come
Our own past and/or future losses
Cumulative […]

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Chronic Illness And The Challenges To A Couple

I have worked with many caregivers and one of the toughest emotional challenges that a couple experiences is the effect that a chronic illness has on that relationship. Many couples over time have developed what I call their relationship dance and when chronic illness hits it imposes a new set of rules for relationships. […]

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Choices and Invitation to the Butterflies

Many things in this earthy life give us butterflies in our stomachs. These events can range from a public performance, evaluation by ones boss, prediction of disaster, as well as the disaster happening, or the illness and death of one we love.

The butterflies arrive to give us a chance to think and choose our […]

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A Visit From An Unlikely Teacher

When I am visited by a particular insect or animal, I look up what it symbolizes. Today, as I was taking my dogs outside, I noticed an inchworm on my patio right in front of me. This little worm seemed to be on a mission. Every now and then, it would pause and raise […]

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Six Questions To Ask Yourself When Hiring A Life Coach

My daughter completed fifth grade yesterday and graduated from elementary school . This fall, she will be going into middle school. A new beginning, a major life transition. It sounds cliché to say that these years have flown by, but they have. I, like many of you, am a very proud parent of a […]

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The First Steps To Help a Senior Make The Right Life Decisions

I was recently working with a senior to guide them in selecting an assisted living community. At the time, he was living in an unsafe environment and needed assistance with taking his medications. Meals were delivered by Meals on Wheels, but he was not eating them, as he was alone with no social interaction. There […]

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Relief For Alzheimer’s Caregivers

We are seeing a growing number of Alzheimer’s diagnoses within our Southwest Florida communities. Many hide their disease for years, as they rely on the kindness of others to get through their day. More often than not, it is a spouse, a family member or even a neighbor who is the caregiver.

The stress of being […]

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Finding Help For Aging Parents Doesn’t Have To Be a Challenge

My father just celebrated his 84th birthday. It hit me this year that I’m a daughter of a “senior.” I don’t think of either of my parents as seniors – they are just mom and dad. Just as it’s tough to see ourselves with objectivity (am I the only one who hasn’t changed since […]

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